#DewTourPush X Theberrics.com Re-Edit Contest Entry

WHAT'S Dew Tour PUSH?: As skateboarders we are constantly pushing ourselves. At the Berrics we are constantly pushing ourselves to create better and more interesting content for the world to enjoy. This year we've created a new documentary series featuring 8 of the most diverse and talented skateboarders the world has to offer as they pursue the holiest of holy grails, their video part. Twice a week, until the end of summer, you'll see who these skaters are, where they come from and what they go through while filming what many think is the most important and defining aspect of a skateboarders career. Behind every great trick is a great story. PUSH skateboarding. PUSH filming. PUSH storytelling. PUSH style. PUSH diversity. PUSH yourself. PUSH 2015. THE CONTEST: Download the clips, create an edit, and submit it back to us for a chance to win. Submit as many edits as you'd like. You can stick with one skater's footage, or you can mix and match footage. You must use only the clips provided, but you don't need to use all of them. Make it as long or short as you'd like, we will be picking the winner based on the best edit. THE DEADLINE: Finished edit must be submitted by November 30. The Grand Prize: Brand new editing equipment including... - New 27-inch iMac with Retina 5k Display - Western Digital Drives - 1 year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud - Limited Edition PUSH Skullcandy Headphones This is my first edit and entry for The Berrics' Re-Edit Push Contest, Really nice to work with this amazing material and feel that you are in this industry that you love for decades. Cheers!

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